The Physical and Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite is an isometric crystal composed of Calcium and Fluorine (CaF2). This mineral was first identified in 1529 and has been credited with having many healing properties. The name is derived from the Latin, fluere, meaning “to flow.” This is due to the relatively low melting point of 2557 degrees F. Fluorite is used in the steel production to decrease the viscosity of slags and eliminate impurities. It is also used in the manufacturing of some glassware and polymers and enameling cookware. Fluorite is found in many places including the U.K., Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Brazil and the U.S.

Physical Information

Color: white, green, purple, yellow, blue, gray

The color of the specimen is determined by impurities that have replaced calcium in the crystal structure and the presence of hydrocarbons (petroleum). Pure form is clear(white).

Hardness: 4

Class: Halides

Fluorescence: Many specimens are fluorescent under UV light.

The phenomenon of fluorescence received its name from this mineral.

Density/Molecular Weight: 3.18 g/cm3   /   78.07 g


Fluorite is credited with having many spiritual and physical healing properties ranging from easing the pain of arthritis to reducing nervous energy. The healing properties are largely determined by the color of the specimen.

Green absorbs excess energy, allowing for information from the subconscious to be moved to the conscious mind. Helps egocentric problems and heals stomach and intestinal illness.

Purple stimulates wisdom and the ability to discriminate, allowing for the promotion of spiritual vision. Useful in healing issues related to bones, marrow, and the spine.

White brings spiritual and mental harmony. Brings peace and strengthens awareness. Aligns all of the Chakras.