How to activate and reuse Glacial Heat


Glacial Heat, commonly known as hot ice, is easy to use.
Bend or flex the metal disc in the Glacial Heat pack. Instantly, ice will form on the disc and spread through the pack. You will feel the pack get warm. It should stay warm for at least half an hour.

The pack remains frozen at room temperature until you prepare it for reuse.


To reuse the pack, put it in boiling water for about 10 minutes. I recommend medium heat on your stovetop. You might smell a slight odor of plastic–that’s okay. Flip the pack in the water while heating to avoid melting the rubberized cover.

Take the Glacial Heat pack out of the water after all the crystals are gone and let it cool. Once it cools completely, it is ready for use.

Video instructions

The science

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