Nutrient Agar Calculator

When preparing nutrient agar plates, you will need to supply enough nutrient agar in order to have a successful batch of petri dishes.

These calculators will help you determine how many dishes you can make with liquid or powder nutrient agar. You can also calculate how much agar you will need to make the desired number of plates.

Calculations are based off of products sold at Heath Scientific.

Difference between Powder and Liquid Agar

Nutrient Agar usually comes in powder or liquid form.
Powder form is usually less expensive due to shipping and storage costs; powder agar needs to be made into liquid form before it can be applied to petri dishes.

Powder Agar to Petri Dish Calculator


Liquid Agar to Petri Dish Calculator


Nutrient Agar needed Calculator


Where you can get these supplies

Glitter Tattoos Profit Calculator

What should you Charge for Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoo Station
A Glitter Tattoo Station is great for a bulk supply of Glitter, Glue, and initial 300 tattoo stencils. This initial investment can seem like alot, but if you price the glitter tattoos correctly, you can turn it into a great fundraiser.

If you’re at a fair or someplace where prices are generally high $4 to $6 is a good price range. If this is for a low budget event, then $1 to $3 would be a good price range.

Costs Breakdown

If you purchase from the approximate prices would be:

  • Glitter Station: $300
  • Glitter Tattoo Stencils: $3 (for 10 stencils)
  • Shipping: $13

Keep in mind that the Glitter Tattoo Station has enough glue and glitter for 1,300 tattoos but only enough stencils for 300. You will only have to purchase additional stencils to make 1,000 more tattoos.

Online Glitter Tattoo Station Calculator

  • Glitter Station: $300.00

Disclaimer: This calculator should not be taken as a guarantee for sales or revenue.

Where you can get supplies

For stencils, glue, glitter, or the full station – sells all of those products at very fair prices.