Fundraising with Glitter Tattoos

Ordinary fundraisers just aren’t cutting it anymore. For high returns, you need something fun, exciting, and extraordinary: you need Glitter Tattoo Station by Glimmer Body Art.

Costing less than $1 each, these bright, bold tattoos come with high quality glue and last over a week. These Glimmer Tattoos are the premier glitter tattoos on the market. They are US dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic.

Each kit comes with enough stencils to make 300 professional tattoos, but there is plenty of glue and glitter to make at least 1300 tattoos–just add more stencils!

When planning your next fundraiser, consider Glimmer Tattoos for high return and lots of fun.

They also come in smaller kits with enough supplies for 15 tattoos.

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