Formula For Successfully Hatching Chicken Eggs

chicken eggs

No other bird in the world has a larger population than the chicken, chickens are used mostly as a food source as well as for their eggs.

Following these steps will help ensure you have success in hatching your chicken eggs.

How to Hatch a Chicken Egg

Succesfully hatching chicken eggs is a 21 day process. By using an automatic egg turner and still air incubator, the process can be very simple and successful.

Day 1

Place the chicken egg incubator on a level surface, fill trough with water, place automatic egg turner in (if you have one), adjust temperature to 97 degrees F and place the chicken eggs small end down in the turner.

Day 2-3

Monitor temperature and water level. During the chicken egg hatching process, leave the chicken egg incubator closed except for adding water.

Day 4

Remove the red plugs for ventilation and check water level.

Day 5-13

Monitor temperature and water.

Day 14

Chick development and metabolism during the incubation may cause the temperature to rise. The temperature may need to be reduced. Monitor this until day 18.

Day 15-17

Monitor temperature and water trough

Day 18

The eggs are getting close to hatching. Remove chicken eggs from turner and the turner from the incubator. Place chicken eggs on the wire tray and fill the large and small trough with water. Raise the temperature to 98 degrees.

Day 19-21

Maintain the temperature at 98 degrees. Allow the chicks to hatch and dry in the incubator.

Some chicken eggs may hatch slower. Leave them in the incubator for 2 more days. Supply heat lamp, chick feed and water for the chicks.

Where you can get Supplies

If you are looking for eggs you can hatch, you should check with local farms. Getting eggs off of Ebay or other online locations usually has a 50% hatch rate at best (this is due to shipping).

Have Questions or Comments?

If you’ve found great places to buy hatching chicken eggs, or have a question or comment- let us know below.

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