Care Instructions for a Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crab

The following information is general care information for a hermit crab and is provided by Heath Scientific. Heath Scientific has a full supply of live critters for educational institutions and home school environments. See the Live Critter section of our website.

If you want detailed information on caring for a hermit crab, visit the Hermit Crab Care Blog.

Temperature – 72-88F

Light Requirements – Indirect sunlight (Classroom lighting)

Feeding – Prepared invertebrate diet, supplement with fresh fruits and

Habitat – As a “tree crab” they live on land in coastal areas where it is
warm and humid. They return to salt water to lay their eggs.

Handling – Crabs don’t bite but they will pinch very hard. Handle them by
their shell. They may be placed on the floor for exercise. If they are
inactive, dip them in warm water and they will become active again.

Care – Hermit crabs need little care other than daily food and water

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